Babil Bank provides loans to finance small and medium-sized enterprises in various sectors through soft loans and financing needs, commensurate with the income of the project. These loans are repayable in installments designed to meet the needs of our small business clients, including expansion of business and fulfillment of capital requirements Short- and medium-term factors.

It also offers finance offers based on medium and long term periods to meet your specific fixed asset requirements, project financing, real estate, corporate and other commitments. Loans are offered at competitive rates and in a coordinated manner to improve your profits by setting installments in installments in conjunction with cash flows.

Babil Bank’s commercial banking finance solutions are based on financial assessment, qualitative evaluation of business and the extent of their need for working capital. We manage the financing of working capital according to your needs through a wide range of financial and non-financial products

Conditions for obtaining the loan:

  1. An electronic form for the project
  2. The supporting documents of the borrower and guarantor
  3. colored pictures
  4. Feasibility study of the project
  5. The sponsor of a government employee or a residential real estate bond according to the size of the loan and the project
  6. Contract for the location of the project (shop or workshop .. etc)