Is the Bank of Babylon of the Iraqi Special prestigious and banks, which was established in 1999 with a capital of 500 million five hundred million Iraqi dinars and a steady pace forward was a capital increase of up to 250,000,000,000 two hundred and fifty billion Iraqi dinars after the approval of the General Authority in the fifteenth of the month in February 2014, which was preceded by increased capital 150,000,000,000 as much as one hundred and fifty billion Iraqi dinars in the seventh and the twentieth of February Chaabat- 2013.

Despite the succession of departments, the bank continued to follow the approach depends on the development of its infrastructure in line with the evolution of the banking industry locally, regionally and internationally, to achieve the best services to bank customers and in order to preserve shareholders’ equity.

Babylon Bank complied with all the laws of the CBI and all Iraqi laws relevant. The bank complies with all international economic and financial laws, such as laws Vakta FATCA AML anti-money laundering and international conventions on combating the financing of terrorism laws and refrain from dealing with any suspicious destinations or subject to sanctions, international or domestic.

The Bank also depends on Kamilz CAMLS assessment system of the bank, and at an annual rate according to the principle of self-evaluation (Self-Assessment), and this principle applies to all departments and branches of the bank.